I'm a Graduate!

Hi! Last night's convocation ceremony at the college was just beautiful. I can now say that I am a proud graduate of Montclair State! I was able to sit with friends, because we were all lined up by degree, rather than in alphabetical order, so I sat with Katie, and some other girls from classes. I even got to see my first year roommate, Dez. It was funny, everyone kept mistaking me and Katie for each other. They say we look like twins, but we both just don't really see it! Let me know what you think, here is me and Katie waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Next up is the graduation ceremony on Friday at Meadowlands with guest speaker Whoopi Goldberg (how cool is that?!?!)

This morning I went to see my kids Spring Concert at school. They looked so adorable and were happy to see me, screaming my name and yelling for me to look at them on stage. Afterwards I went to Barnes and Noble to browse because I had a gift card, and I came to the realization that Barnes and Noble + Me = Lots of Money Spent! There is just something I love about that store, whether it's education books, magazines or novels, I can spend hours browsing and lots of money spending! I got this neat plan book for next year (Yes, I know its a bit early, but I'm trying to plan ahead and be hopeful!).

When I got home my sweet brother had bought me....shaving cream! The real kind, not gel! I never thought I'd be so excited for shaving cream, but I am, and now I can try the shaving cream technique for real.

Excited for One Tree Hill tonight...here are some more photos from last night:

We did it!! Our fake certificates they gave us, which were really a list of all of those who graduated in our college of education and human services. (Sorry Kate, you got cut off a bit there!)