Back Where I Come From

Well I am finally back home! It took us 13 hours to drive home yesterday, with plenty of traffic from Memorial Day trips. It was fantastic to step into my house again and feel like I was finally home! I think the saying that you don't know what you have until it's taken away from you really applies after this trip! By late last week, I was ready to come home, missing everything from my own bed to my own shower, to my internet connection! Everything looked different when I came home, even my bedroom and my dog(weird, right?!) Sometimes I'll complain that other places in the US are so much nicer than NJ, but really, it will always be home for me and I'll always have a fondness for it in my heart (even though we often get a bad rap!)
Enjoy these pictures from the NC journey, it was overall, a fun trip seeing the little ones and enjoying the pleasant way of life in NC. Hopefully this afternoon I will be back to creating some things, maybe even (dare I say it?) Scrapbooking!