In North Carolina...

Graduation was Friday morning, and boy was it great! The ceremony was short and sweet :)
Whoopi Goldberg was our guest speaker, and she was awesome! I'll post some pictures a bit later. After the graduation ceremony, we traveled to North Carolina to visit family (me, Andy, my Grandma and Grandad). We got stuck in traffic, of course! It put us behind about 2 hours. We didn't get to NC until 1:30 am on Saturday morning, and then had a Communion to attend at 10 am. Wow, were we exhausted yesterday! I brought my laptop with me to keep up to date with the real world, outside of vacation, but of course it doesn't work because it won't let me connect to an internet signal (oh well!) Today we are going to an art show in Raleigh, and then out to a nice restaurant for dinner tonight. The weather is beautiful down here, and I am enjoying the nice relaxing atmopshere of vacation!