Hey there! Yesterday was a bittersweet day at school, it was my last day of student teaching! I was sad to be leaving the kids, yet happy to be graduating soon after this long journey! My co-op and the kids through a surprise party for me. I pretended that I didn't know about it, but at this age, the kids are not very slick! They sent me away to bring the computers back to the tech room and do some other things, a few minutes later, one student comes running down the hall, saying "Come quick, we need you back in the room, now!" I went back to the room, where the door was shut and it was dark. I opened the door and all the kids sprang up and yelled "Surprise!" They had decorated my chair with my name and wrote "Queen" on it. It was adorable, and so sweet of the kids! They all pitched in and gave me a huge basket of teaching goodies and neccesities. Plus they made me some gorgeous cards. It was a great farewell! Here are some snap shots of the party we had:

Meanwhile, today I have been running errands and cleaning house...yuck! I finally got to sit down and stamp this afternoon to make some Mother's Day presents. I made these cards and a matching box for my Grandma (2 of each as a set), next I'm on to making some cards. Have a Happy Mother's Day!!