Spring Break Extended!

Hey there! Well, it seems that New Jersey is in a state of emergency from all the flooding that happened because of the rain! I was all set to go back to my kiddos at school today (even spent hours doing my planning for this week) and I was in the shower, when my Dad says that my co-op called to say school was cancelled because of flooding! I had JUST stepped in the shower too, so I turned it off and quickly blow dried my hair so it wasn't soaking wet. I went to tell my Mom and she asks me why I didn't just finish showering....umm...didn't think of it! Oh well, I was awake, so I just laid in bed and read a bit and then showered (again!). On the plus side, I finished my lesson for my observation on Friday, which I would of had to do tonight before Sara came over for the CMT Music Awards (yay!). And now, it's 2:00pm already and I have yet to do any stamping or scrapping! I am going to work on these neat post-it noteholders that I found a tutorial on from Running with Scissors blog. Off to try it out....

Here are some pictures of my scrap room (as of Saturday), at any time it may be neater or messier, depending on my mood! Haha, just ask Sara or my Mom! TFL!
Wall of stamps....yum!
Here is my desk (above), and my Mom's desk (below)... Her desk is usually spotless, but she was working on a project during these photos...(just joking, stuff piles up on her desk as much as on my desk)


Nancy Grant said...

What a great craft room! Sorry to hear about the flooding... I know it's old news by now.