Relaxing Week in Review...

Wow it's Saturday already! I had a nice, relaxing week off from school, although, honestly, I am ready to go back to my kiddos, I do miss them and school (I know its weird!). I didn't get much stamping or scrapping done this week, I just wasn't much in the mood, or not feeling creative, but that's alright. I know I will want to scrap and stamp when I can't but I'll make time I'm sure. Last night I went to a Partylite Candle Party at Sara's house, with her family. I never laughed so hard in my life, honestly! I had tears coming out of my eyes, these ladies are hysterical! I've got to say my favorite fragrance will always be orange kumquat (haha, Sara!). Good times!

Today, Sara and I went to the Memories Expo in Somerset, NJ. It was crowded and those dang baby strollers were EVERYWHERE! (Note to self: Leave kids at home when going to a scrapping show!) The show was smaller this year and didn't have as many vendors, but we both managed to spend some money (don't we always?). My favorite find was the Paper Cut, with precut cards and envelopes, and they have a website!! www.thepapercut.com. Can't wait to check it out.

I've got some new things to share....here is a picture of the Stamp and Scrap University technique book I made last weekend, with an example of what is inside, we made 24 of these technique cards!

Oh, by the way, I added the ribbon to the cover, in....blue and brown, my fav colors!

I've also included a picture of the chipboard book I made at Jen Starr's class about a week and a half ago. It is using her new chippies chipboard accents and her new paper line. It also uses Adirondak Inks, which where added with a brayer (fun!! I've started my collection of the colors, and there are 24+, I'm on my way with about 6! haha) I plan on using this album for my college graduation, which takes place in under 1 month!! The title on the cover says "Imagination at work", I figured it was fitting!

I'll post more later on...I've got some picture of my scrap room!!
Well, off to do my planning for the week. I am being observed on Friday for a problem solving strategy lesson...I hope I can understand my notes from a week ago!


Nancy Grant said...

Your creations are stunning! I hope your observation went well.