Been Busy Lately...

Hi! I haven't posted in over a week! I am back at school and life seems to just go so fast when I am working! Yesterday, today and tomorrow we have parent/teacher conferences, which have been interesting to say the least... Last night we had about 7 in a row and didn't leave school till after 9 pm, so it was straight to bed for me when I got home, I was exhausted!
Tuesday I went to a job fair, and the job hunt continues for an elementary position. I met some new contacts and hopefully will be called for a few interviews from local districts (2 are just about for sure right now, yay!). I only have 2 weeks of student teaching left...ahh! The kids keep asking me why I have to leave, its hard for them to understand being young.
This weekend I was supposed to go away for scrapping with my Mom and Grandma, but drama has happened, I don't know the full story yet, but looks like we aren't going anymore...I'll find out more details soon.
Today I got my Cuttlebug Swap cards in the mail, some cute stuff! I will have to post a picture later on...