The Weekend is Here!

Yay! This week is over! I have been subbing for most of the week ( I took off Wed. for my student teaching kid's moving up ceremony) and it has been challenging, to say the least! Today was probably the worst behaved kids yet, and that is tough to say with the week I have had! Okay, enough about that, I want to enjoy my 2 days off this weekend!
I went a bit swapping crazy lately, and have to catch up because a few are due the end of this month. Today I went to check which swaps I was signed up for and thought 'what are you crazy? like you really have time!', but I did sign up for a lot!
Okay, side note...my song is on right now, "Ticks" by Brad Paisely, quick funny story...while I was in NC I got a tick on me from playing Duck Duck Goose with Lucy in the grass (yeah, last time I do that!) and I was freaked out, but managed all on my own to pick it off and then smother is it nail polish for a slow painful death, followed by a flushing down the toliet, but everyone kept singing this song to me..."I'd sure like to check you for ticks..." haha. If you haven't heard it, you've just got to! It is classic Brad Paisley!
Okay, back to my crazy swap schedule..tonight I sat down and completed my cards for the Michael's $1 stamp swap I joined. It was for card fronts only so that made it pretty simple. This cupcake stamp is a Studio G clear stamp, and if you know me, you know I just love my little cupcakes (Sara...hey cupcake!).
Tomorrow I will be at Katie's 2nd graduation party for most of the day...enjoy your weekend!!
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