Shout-Out to Joan

Good Evening! I was at a graduation party today for my good friend, Katie. The company was great, as was the food. They had the party catered with some awesome Italian food, yummy! I drove down to Katie's home with my good friend Joan who I haven't seen in awhile. It was so nice to reconnect and just sit in the car and talk for an hour. I really have missed her! She is a semester behind me in school, so she's still got a semester left, so we've sorta lost touch because we haven't had classes together since last fall. One thing I love about Joan is that she thinks everything I say is so funny! Well I guess at times we all say funny things, but I swear she cracks up at every word that comes out of my mouth! It's friends like her that make me smile and appreciate friendship at it's finest! Thanks Joan!
Yesterday I went back to my school I student taught at. The fifth graders had their big camping trip which I helped out at. We went rock climbing, boating, zip lining and swimming and the kids had an awesome time! Between the activity all day and the heat, I was beat at the end of the day, and barely made it to my bed before I was out!
I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs and the one thing I find that I am jealous of is how much time they are able to devote to stamping! Many people seem to find time to stamp everyday, and I wish I could find that time as well. Often when I do have time, I just don't feel motivated or inspired. I need to start setting time aside everyday just to do a little something. That will be my June resolution.

Here is a picture of my ATC book which I decorated to hold my ATC cards. This is the Stampin' Up book. At next month's meet-up, we will be decorating these books similar to this to hold our monthly ATC swap cards. Can't wait!
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