Stamping Crazy!

Hi all! I've been pretty busy these past few weeks...actually stamping (well and finishing my 500 page book club book for Thursday...I actually did in 4 days!)! Sara and I spent the whole day last weekend just stamping. It was awesome. We finally collapsed at around 1:00am, ready to hit the sheets when we heard a HUGE BOOM right outside my house. I swear it sounded like lightening followed by a truck falling on it's side! We rushed to see and a drunk driver had crashed into the tree right in front of my house, sending a parked SUV 12 feet forward! Wow, what excitement. Luckily no one was seriously hurt, but it seems like car incidents are following me and Sara. This week alone, we've either seen, or know people who were in about 4 accidents. Scary...
These are some of the cards I made that day with Sara, and one I just made yesterday for my parent's wedding anniversary. I used a bunch of new bellas...and a new product (well new for me!). I got my hands on some Liquid Applique...wow, what a cool invention. I just love heating it and watching it poof like a marshmallow. Neato!
A big snow storm is forecasted tonight and tomorrow...so I'm half hoping and half not hoping for a snow day...I have a half day workshop tomorrow afternoon, so I'll actually only be with the kids for a few hours...it would be tough to have to reschedule. We'll see...have a happy week!

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