Out Sick Today

Hi! I was out of work today because of a nasty cold I have again. I thought I'd had my winter cold in November, but it seems like that wasn't the last of it. My kids had their holiday party today, which I feel awful for missing, but I know I wouldn't have been able to make it through another day, since Monday and Tuesday were really tough. Since I was instructed (by my Mom :) ) to take it easy and not move around much, I spent a large part of the afternoon at my desk making some Christmas cards.

I made these 3, plus one more which is very similar to the "Let it Snow" but uses the "Happy Holidays" stamp from the SU! set "Big on Christmas". The Merry Christmas card and Believe in Miracles card are both made with Elzybells stamps. I am going to get these written up and then mailed to some friends for Christmas.

Tomorrow I am heading back to work, because I can't take another day off..one was bad enough, especially with our Winter break coming next week. Plus, I really do miss my kids!

Much love, enjoy Christmas, I probably won't get to post again.

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