Hey Again!




Here is some stamping stuff (sorry I got a bit sentimental on that earlier post!). I had some time to stamp again this weekend. I spent most of my day planning my week out for my little 2nd graders, but finished around 4:30, so it was off to the stamp room! I used my new My Favorite Things stamp set...which is so adorable. It is just too bad that I don't actually have a sister (hint to my brothers to work on that one, if only to send this card to!) I have never used billybootabella before, but Kim let me borrow hers. She is cute, she may go on my wish list! Lastly, I worked a bit on my coloring technique. I feel like that is something I can use some practice with, but I'm happy how this pumpkin turned out...I tried using a bunch of different shades of yellow and orange (colored pencils). The paper is from Making Memories, and it so pretty! Enjoy your week and your stamping time!
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